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Bathran's Hair


Bring 5 Bathran's Hair to Orendil Broadleaf in Ashenvale.
Bathran's Hair (5)


There is a plant that once grew in the old ruins of Bathran's Haunt to the north. The plant was called Bathran's Hair and was known to cure ailments of the spirit.

There is a sick child in the village, and I believe it is more than just a physical illness. Will you go to Bathran's Haunt and search it for Bathran's Hair? I may need it to properly treat the child.

Bathran's Haunt lies north of Maestra's Post and just south of the border to Darkshore.


Have you gathered the Bathran's Hair, <name>? The child's health grows weaker by the hour...


Ah, you have the hair! Now I will mix a cure for the child, and pray my concoction works.

And... Forsaken are at Bathran's Haunt? Very troubling to hear, that is. Very troubling indeed...


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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