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Jin'Zil's Forest Magic


Witch Doctor Jin'Zil at Malaka'jin wants 5 portions of Stonetalon Sap, 5 Twilight Whiskers, 30 Courser Eyes and a Fey Dragon Scale.
Stonetalon Sap (5)
Twilight Whisker (5)
Courser Eye (30)
Fey Dragon Scale


So excited I am!

Three little cages for three little elves! But what shall we do with our lovely tree-hugging friends? Why, let's give them a taste of... what do they call it... forest magic!

I'll need a good mess of Stonetalon sap. From those horrid felines, bring me some twilight whiskers. This calls for plenty of courser eyes, of course -- can never have enough eyes. Oh, and lest we forget, a precious scale from a fey dragon.

Hurry to Stonetalon Peak, <name>, so I can brew some forest magic!


You can choose one of these awards:
Voodoo Mantle Hexed Bracers


Look at our poor little elf friends. All caged up with no forest to frolic in!

Now were you able to find me some sap? How about the whiskers from the twilight runners? Don't suppose you have that fey dragon scale on you?

And eyes! I'll need so many eyes! You just can't mix up a fierce forest magic brew without a good helping of eyes!


Oh how happy these little woodland nymphs shall be! We'll make them feel right at home with this special concoction!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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