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Into the Churning Gulch


Baron Sablemane has told you that in order to make the poison that Rexxar needs, you must acquire 7 Crust Burster Venom Glands. Return to him at the Circle of Blood in the Blade's Edge Mountains once you have done so.
Crust Burster Venom Gland (7)


So, your Rexxar would have me fashion a poison for him? I'll give him what he desires, but there will be a price. Even for friends, there must be a price. Free things destroy friendships.

First, you must venture a short distance to the southwest to the Churning Gulch.

Therein mill some of the most poisonous creatures in all of Outland, or anywhere. I speak of the crust bursters, and this poison will require gathering their glands for me.


You will receive:
Bloodboil Poison
Also, you get: 3 70


You have all of the venom glands? If not, begone and waste no more of my time until you do.


Very well. A simple, if mundane, task has been completed. Now, hand me the glands and I will do the difficult part.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 11650 experience (6 99 at max. level)

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