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Bring Kravel's Scheme to Crank Fizzlebub in Booty Bay.
Kravel's Scheme
Provided Item:
Kravel's Scheme


<name>, you're a <class> I can trust, both to get the job done and to keep your mouth shut while doing it.

I've been brewing up a new scheme. It's risky, but if it works then we could both make a bundle! And I think you're just the person to see it through.

To start, you must go back to Booty Bay. I apologize, good <name>. I know my last task took you there. But this time, speak with Crank Fizzlebub.

Give him this letter. And if he requires aid, do your best to help him. It will be worth the effort.


Hello hello. And what brings a noble <race> such as you down to Booty Bay?


I see. Kravel has a big scheme planned. He has a sinister mind -- I like that about him.

So you'll need something to addle wits, eh? Something powerful...

I wonder if the mixture Zanzil feeds his zombies could be used...


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 125 experience (7 50 at max. level)

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