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Gaining the Advantage


Bring 8 Nether Residue to Emissary Mordin in Shattrath City.
Nether Residue (8)


The troops of the Shattered Sun Offensive will need every advantage they can get to beat back the allies of Kil'Jaeden. My colleagues in Stormwind have created oils which will strengthen the blades and armor of our troops.

The key ingredient, nether residue, pervades Outland -- if you know where to look. Any master herbalist, skinner, or miner who knows the signs can gather it while plying <his/her> trade. Those herbs, ores, and beasts unique to Outland may all bear the residue.


You will receive:
Major Rejuvenation Potion
Also, you get: 8 80


Have you any residue for me?


Thank you for your help, <name>. No contribution to the war effort is too small. Our men are going to need every advantage they can get in this battle.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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