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An Innocent Disguise


2.An Innocent Disguise
Use the Orb of the Crawler to spy upon the new Twilight camp to the west of the Blackfathom Deeps entrance on the Zoram Strand in Ashenvale, then summon the Earthen Ring Guide using the Totemic Beacon.
Listen to the plan of the Twilight Cultists
Orb of the Crawler
Provided Item:
Orb of the Crawler


According to this, it seems there is another encampment of the cultists to the northwest of the large gathering on the Zoram Strand, and they are speaking with... guests?

Much could be learned from listening to these proceedings, <race>. Take this orb; it will allow you to appear as one of the native crawlers on the beach. Spy on the conversation with these "guests" of the cultists at the northwestern camp and report back to me when you are successful.


You will receive:
Burning Blossom

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