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Striking Back


Slay the Glacial Templar summoned from the Ice Stone located near the Dark Portal in Hellfire Peninsula, then return to the Earthen Ring Elder in a capital city.
Glacial Templar slain


We must act to preserve the balance! Time is against us.

In order to ensure Ahune's success, the cult has established a base near the Dark Portal itself in Draenor. They use ice stones to coordinate the frost lord's arrival. Much as I am loath to do this, the spirits will understand - you must summon one of this Ahune's templar protectors and destroy it. Perhaps this forestalling action will be enough...


You will receive:
Burning Blossom
Also, you get: 94


You have returned victorious?


You have done well. It may seem a small act, but even this can aid the fight as a whole. Take this with my blessing, and return later, as I may have more for you to do.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 11650 experience (6 99 at max. level)

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