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Return to Vahlarriel


Escort Dalinda Malem from Thunder Axe Fortress and then return to Vahlarriel Demonslayer in Desolace.
Rescue Dalinda Malem


So, the time is now then? I appreciate your efforts, and if the situation does not lend itself, then allow me to thank you now for everything you've done for me and my family. If you're ready, then there is nothing else for me here--we can leave when you feel the time is right.


You can choose one of these awards:
Grappler's Belt Gloves of Insight Garrison Cloak Moonlit Amice


Thank you, <name>. Dalinda made it safely back here to Nijel's Point, and in much better condition than I could have asked for. The fact that she arrived here under her own power was a good sign. I hope you're well?

It pains me to know that both Tyranis and Dalinda didn't return, but the embarrassment of Tyranis' decisions is hers to endure. It is something she will have to deal with when she returns to Darnassus.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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