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Supplies to Tannok


Deliver the Crate of Inn Supplies to Tannok Frosthammer in Kharanos.
Crate of Inn Supplies
Provided Item:
Crate of Inn Supplies


Hey! You look like a hearty adventurer. If you're planning on braving the pass, do you suppose you could bring a package to the inn in Kharanos?

You were planning on stopping at the inn, right? If you make it through the pass, you'll definitely want to take a breather there.

Anyways, bring this to Tannok Frosthammer, the innkeeper's assistant. I can't get through the pass myself, and it'll be days until a Mountaineer escort comes through!


You can choose one of these awards:
Tough Jerky Refreshing Spring Water


Hi there! Come in, take a seat by the fire and warm yourself with a flagon of ale.


Ah, at last, the supplies from Hands! I was beginning to worry, we've had scarce word from Anvilmar ever since the troggs overran the pass.

Thanks for bring this to me, <name>. And please, make yourself comfortable. You must be tired after your journey.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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