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Find the Gems and Power Source


5.Find the Gems and Power Source
Recover all three gems and a power source for the necklace from Uldaman, and then bring them to Jarkal Mossmeld in Kargath. Jarkal believes a power source might be found on the strongest construct present in Uldaman.

From the journal, you know...
* The ruby has been stashed in a barricaded Shadowforge area.
* The topaz has been hidden in an urn in one of the Trogg areas, near some Alliance dwarves.
* The sapphire has been claimed by Grimlok, the trogg leader.
Shattered Necklace Ruby
Shattered Necklace Sapphire
Shattered Necklace Topaz
Shattered Necklace Power Source
Provided Item:
Bloodstained Journal


Here is the journal, translated for you to read on your own. The crux of it says dwarves hid the ruby, the troggs hid the topaz, and a trogg named Grimlok has the sapphire.

Look - you're going to need a power source to make the necklace work again. Dran Droffers doesn't know this. To find one, here's what I'd do: go as deep as you can in Uldaman and kill whatever construct there is the strongest. No doubt whatever that is would have it.

When you have everything collected, come back here!


Very well done, <class>. Now the fruits of our redirection will pay themselves out handsomely. I'm finished with the necklace itself, and I am confident I can duplicate the construction process consistently. But first, I will use a specially prepared incantation to quickly analyze those gems before you take them and the necklace back to Orgrimmar. This will take just a brief moment to do.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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