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Scalding Mornbrew Delivery


Take a Scalding Mornbrew to Durnan Furcutter inside Anvilmar before it gets cold in five minutes!
Durnan's Scalding Mornbrew
Provided Item:
Durnan's Scalding Mornbrew


Gah! I was supposed to get this delicious scalding mornbrew to Durnan Furcutter inside Anvilmar a while ago now, but I had to deliver one to Grelin here first. I'll never make it to Anvilmar before the brew runs cold!

You look fast. Maybe you can make it. This cup will only stay hot for five more minutes, and Durnan didn't order "chilly" mornbrew, so get going. Anvilmar is to the northeast, a settlement dug into the mountain.

Thanks, <name>, and don't forget to bring me back my mug!


Aye, I'm Durnan Furcutter. You have something for me?


Ah good, now this will hit the spot. Allow me to take a small break while I enjoy this scalding mornbrew!


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