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Replacement Phial


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Bring a Mana Potion, Coal, and Sweet Nectar to Talvash del Kissel in Ironforge to get a replacement for Talvash's Phial of Scrying.
Mana Potion
Sweet Nectar


Um... you need another phial of scrying? You're kidding, right? What did you do with the first one?! We have a lot of work ahead of us here, <race>. Those phials don't grow on trees! Actually, I wish they did, because I'd go there and pick one off since I don't have another one!!

in order to make you one, I need the following: a mana potion, a piece of coal, and some sweet nectar. Don't ask why, just bring me what I ask and I'll make you a new one.


You will receive:
Talvash's Phial of Scrying


To make another phial I need a mana potion, a piece of coal, and some sweet nectar.

That, and a whole lotta patience apparently.


The mighty adventurer delivers. Hooray for me. By the way, I lied - I had another phial. Ungh, take it.

Well, what did you expect?! "Oh, here, have another one! I'm just some goofball who has nothing better to do than hand out magical communication devices to adventurers!" Rest assured though, what you have given to me will be enough make you another phial when you lose that too.

Please prove me wrong and don't lose the new one, okay?

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