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Deaths in the Family


Bring Gregor's Remains, Nissa's Remains and Thurman's Remains to Coleman Farthing in Brill.
Gregor's Remains
Nissa's Remains
Thurman's Remains


The Agamand family was the most prosperous family in Tirisfal Glades. I used to work their mills...before the Plague.

When the Scourge first came, the Agamands fortified their home and convinced those in their employ to remain and help them defend. We were fools, but at least we were loyal fools.

The Agamands, in their pride, doomed us to undeath. And now they are minions of the Scourge!

Serve the Forsaken by defeating the Agamands who fell to the Plague. Serve me by bringing me their remains.


Also, you get: 4


Do you have the remains of the Agamands? Are those cursed beasts finally destroyed?


Revenge has a sweet taste, don't you think? When you destroyed the Agamands, did you catch any hint of free will within them? I hope so. I hope they knew fear before they were smashed into oblivion.

It is a foolish hope, I know. But it is a hope I foster nonetheless.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 437.5 experience (5 25 at max. level)
  • 250 Reputation with Undercity

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