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Melding of Influences


Bring a Merged Ooze Sample to Chemist Fuely in Undercity.
Merged Ooze Sample
Provided Item:
Encased Corrupt Ooze


Here is some encased ooze created from the Felwood samples you recovered. Take the case to Un'Goro Crater and find a pure ooze... the primal variety will do nicely. When you get close enough, release the ooze in the case, and let us see what the two think of one another.

After the experiment concludes, bring me a sample of whatever is left over. I will await you here in the Apothecarium.


You can choose one of these awards:
Chemist's Ring Chemist's Smock


How goes the experiment, <name>? I will continue to study the samples you've recovered for me--I am starting to see why Lady Sylvanas is so interested in these creatures. If they are truly part of the Old Gods, then who knows how it can be used to our benefit.


Oh, most excellent, <name>. This is most excellent.

Such a tale. Who would have thought the two would interact with one another in such a way... I will have to spend more time looking at the environmental issues that cause changes in these creatures.

I will continue my research for now. Perhaps we will speak again soon. Until then, I wish you well.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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