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The Gordok Ogre Suit


The Gordok Ogre Suit
Rugged Leather (8)
Rune Thread (2)
Bolt of Runecloth (4)
Ogre Tannin


The Ogre Tannin is probably the toughest thing to find for what I need to make the suit - I think they have some upstairs? It's hard to tell, since this ball and chain doesn't make movement that easy to do...

Anyway, bring me the things I need, and I'll whip you up an ogre suit that will fool Captain Kromcrush into thinking you're one of his men.


You will receive:
Gordok Ogre Suit


Here ya go <name> - put this thing on, and you'll have ten minutes to do whatever. Good luck! Oh, and if you happen to find a key to get me out of here, BY ALL MEANS LET ME KNOW!!!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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