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Cycle of Rebirth


Tammra Windfield at Sun Rock Retreat wants you to gather 10 Gaea seeds.
Gaea Seed (10)


Industrial greed and continuous war have wrecked the lands of Stonetalon. Only the blessings of the Earthmother can cure such injury.

<name>, I will require you to seek a special seed, the Gaea seed. They are only found here in Stonetalon Mountain, north of Sun Rock Retreat at Mirkfallon Lake, near the water's edge.

Once you bring me the seeds I will imbue them with shamanistic power to speed their growth.


Also, you get: 12


The continuous destruction caused by war and those that seek a profit from lumber pains me deeply. The least I can do is perform the cycle of rebirth and sow the Gaea seeds to replenish the lands with a new forest. Do you have the required Gaea seeds, <class>?


Ah? <name>, you have the Gaea seeds. Watch and you shall see the power that these seeds will do for the land. Only those pure and true can heal the land?

<Tammra begins to chant.>


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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