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King of the Foulweald


Place Karang's Banner on the Foulweald Totem Mound. Do not let the furbolgs destroy the banner. Defeat Chief Murgut and bring Murgut's Totem to Karang Amakkar at Zoram'gar.
Murgut's Totem
Karang's Banner
Provided Item:
Karang's Banner


<name>, another tribe of Furbolgs, the Foulweald, live southeast of Astranaar. They are not as many as the Thistlefur, but their ferocity poses a future threat. With a show of force, we can remove that threat.

Take this banner, go to the Foulweald village and place it on their totem mound. They will try to destroy the banner, but hold your ground until their chief, Murgut, appears to save face for the tribe. Bring me the totem he carries.

Gather your allies, <name>. This is no task for a single <class>.


You can choose one of these awards:
Boorguard Tunic Cobalt Legguards
Also, you get: 20


Did you defeat Chief Murgut, <name>? Did you retrieve his Foulweald Totem?


Good work, <name>. Issuing that challenge to the Foulwealds and defeating their leader sends them a strong message:

The Horde is not to be trifled with.

I don't believe that tribe will giving us much trouble for a long time.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 265 experience (15 90 at max. level)

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