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Thunderhorn Totem


Bring 6 Stalker Claws and 6 Cougar Claws to Mull Thunderhorn.
Stalker Claws (6)
Cougar Claws (6)


To create the Thunderhorn Cleansing Totem, you must gather the claws of the predators of the Mulgore plains. Hunt prairie stalkers for their stalker claws and flatland cougars for their cougar claws, then return to me.

You will find the prairie stalkers and flatland cougars to the east and west.


Kowanchee, do you have the claws I sent you to gather? The Thunderhorn Water Well grows more tainted with each passing hour!


Thank you, Kowanchee. The purity with which these beasts hunt is vital in the creation of the next cleansing totem.

The goblins will never learn the difference between contending with the land, and living in harmony with it.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 625 experience (3 75 at max. level)
  • 250 Reputation with Thunder Bluff

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