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Dreadsteed of Xoroth


Read Mor'zul's Instructions. Summon a Xorothian Dreadsteed, defeat it, then bind its spirit to you.
Xorothian Dreadsteed slain
Provided Item:
Mor'zul's Instructions


All the preparations are made. Now, you must perform the ritual to create a Circle of Greater Summoning, then use the parchment infused with Xorothian stardust... to open a portal to Xoroth.

I have written the instructions for the ritual onto a scroll. Study it closely, for you must perform each step exactly if you wish to succeed.

Fortune to you, <name>. And may the souls of your enemies swiftly find their way into your shard pouch.


You will learn:
Summon Dreadsteed


The Xorothian Dreadsteed's spirit is beaten. Although rage pulses through its ghostly flanks, you know that the beast's soul is yours...

It whispers dark magic into your mind and instills within you the knowledge to summon a dreadsteed.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 1430 experience (85 80 at max. level)

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