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Deadly Desert Venom


Beetix Ficklespragg at Cenarion Hold in Silithus wants you to gather 8 Stonelash Scorpid Stingers and 8 Sand Skitterer Fangs. Return to her when you have completed the task.
Stonelash Scorpid Stinger (8)
Sand Skitterer Fang (8)


Beetix Ficklespragg at your service! My cousin Noggle makes a living gathering rare herbs for Cenarion Hold alchemists. Or used to, anyway. He came back from his last trip with a strong poison running though his veins.

I've managed to slow down the venom, but to fully neutralize it I need poison samples from whatever stung him.

Noggle arrived from the north, so I'd bet my shirt stonelash scorpids or sand skitterers did it. Bring me some stingers and fangs and I'll try to make an antidote for him.


Also, you get: 85


Cross your fingers, friend! Here's to hoping we can save Noggle!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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