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Field Duty


Report to Krug Skullsplit at the Orgrimmar Legion post in front of Hive'Regal. Prepare your Unsigned Field Duty Papers, obtain Signed Field Duty Papers and bring them to Windcaller Kaldon in Cenarion Hold.

Note: Healing or casting beneficial spells on a member of the Orgrimmar Legion will flag you for PvP.
Signed Field Duty Papers
Provided Item:
Unsigned Field Duty Papers


Greetings, <name>. Before I assign you to more involved tasks in the war, you'll need to do your share of field duty.

You will find Captain Skullsplit's Orgrimmar Legion outside Hive'Regal.

Report to him and come back to me with proof of your field service. I shall have a more advanced assignment ready for you.

Oh, please do your best to stay away from the Ironforge Brigade. Tensions are high among our Alliance and Horde volunteers.


You can choose one of these awards:
Combat Assignment Logistics Assignment Tactical Assignment


You've completed your field duty, <name>? Captain Skullsplit can be found outside of Hive'Regal.


I can tell that Krug has little use for paperwork. He signed this in silithid blood!

Very well, <name>. I've prepared a set of tasks that should make good use of your skills as a <class>.

With the continued efforts of you and people like you, our enemy will soon be crushed!


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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