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Finding the Source


  • Level: 55
  • Requires level: 51
  • Side: Both
  • Start: Krakle
  • End: Krakle
  • Sharable
  • Difficulty: 51  52  56  61
1.Finding the Source
Krakle in Un'Goro Crater wants you to find the hottest area of Fire Plume Ridge.

Whenever you find a hot spot, right click the thermometer to check the temperature. Keep looking until you find the hottest one.
Find the hottest area of Fire Plume Ridge [Temperature Reading]
Krakle's Thermometer
Provided Item:
Krakle's Thermometer


The hot springs here are a source of mystery to me. Where does the heat come from?

Looking at how close the pools are to Fire Plume Ridge, I really wonder if the volcano might have something to do with it. I created a thermometer to take readings of the temperatures at the volcano, and I'd like to find the hottest part. It gives the measurements in degrees Kraklenheit!

Here, take it, and take readings of the temperatures at the ridge whenever you see a hot spot!


I'd go there myself, but... I'm a little scared of the fire elementals there!


Yes, I definitely see the correlation here between the temperature of the volcano and the hot springs. I'll have to double-check my equations for accuracy, but it seems like the distance and the rate that the heat is transferred... Hmm...


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:
  • 825 experience (49 50 at max. level)

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